Police Seek Third Suspect in Maine Medical Marijuana Robbery

Maine State Police are looking for 45-year-old Kerry Hurd of Bangor

Pot Robber Maine State Police Kerry Hurd
Photo by David McClister from www.thegreencards.com

An arrest warrant has been issued for a third man who allegedly robbed a Maine medical marijuana grower while claiming to be a SWAT team member.

Maine State Police say 45-year-old Kerry Hurd of Bangor is wanted for his involvement in the Winterport robbery last month.

Jeffrey Hurd, his brother, and Scott Roberts surrendered themselves after surveillance camera photos were released, police said.

Hurd faces robbery, theft and impersonating a police officer charges.

Anyone with information on Hurd's location is asked to call state police in Bangor at 207-973-3700 or 911. 

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