Police Use of Force on Suspect Following High-Speed Chase Draws Controversy

Many are speaking out on both sides of the argument

After a suspect lead police on a car chase from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, video showed officers punching the suspect once he surrendered.

The video has gained widespread attention and many necn viewers have spoken out on our Facebook page on both sides of the argument.

Some believed the suspect should not have run from officers to begin with, including Christopher Walch who said "Well maybe he should not of ran and risk killing everyone on the streets he went threw...you don't want to be treated like this STOP BREAKING THE LAW AND RISKING OTHERS SAFETY!!!"

Tim Decker agreed and said, "Can we stop sympathizing with those who break the law. You run from the cops and have chase through 2 states do people really expect these cops to shake his hand and say hey thanks for stopping and getting out of the car?"

Becca Tilton also agreed and said, "Why is everyone crying for this criminal who endangered countless people's lives? If he had run over a child or hurt someone you cared about you would be giving these guys an award! They have a tough job and everyone is so quick to jump on them."

However others believed the excessive use of force was unwarranted.

Diane Marie says the situation should be investigated. She added, "Why the punches?? The guy was already on the ground."

Susan Flynn agreed and believed the "police went overboard on this one."

Joe Lafko said the situation seemed "very suspect." He added, "Whether the driver led them on a chase or not he surrendered himself to be grounded and pounded there is no excuse."

The suspect is expected to appear in court and New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan said, "the footage from yesterday raises serious concerns...it is important and appropriate that the Attorney General's office has opened an investigation into the incident."

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