Man Arraigned for Kidnapping Woman, Infant

22-year-old Jesus Rodriguez is held on $100K bail in Worcester, Mass. home invasion, kidnapping, assault

With fresh scrapes and scratches on his face, 22-year-old Jesus Rodriguez faces a judge in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Police say he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and their baby at gunpoint and fled in a cab headed to Springfield. State police pulled the vehicle over on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Ludlow.

"A struggle ensued between the defendant before the court and the trooper as he was placing him into custody," said Assistant District Attorney Edward Karcasinas Jr.

Prosecutors say Rodriguez forced his way into the Chandler Street apartment, threatening multiple people with a handgun. The victim's uncle was attacked when he tried to intervene.

"He was struck on the head with the firearm, which resulted in him being hospitalized, resulting in stitches to close the lacerations to his head," said Karcasinas.

According to the defense, Rodriguez lives on Wellington Street, which is just about a street away from where the incident happened. He's been on probation since March on charges related to one of the victims in this case, the mother of his baby.

The probation department was heard as part of Monday's court proceedings.

The 19-year-old mother has multiple restraining orders against Rodriguez.

The defense claims her family recently made threats against him.

The victim and their 11-month-old baby were unharmed in this incident. She refused medical treatment, but did provide a statement to state police.

"Indicated that he had come into the room, put a handgun to her head, threatened to kill her if she did not cooperate and then left the apartment with her and her daughter," said Karcasinas.

Rodriguez is being held pending a probation violation hearing next month. For the new charges, bail was set at $100,000 cash.

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