Abandoned pomeranian

Pomeranian Abandoned in Dedham Up for Adoption Soon; Police Exhaust All Leads

"Buzz" is now being cared for by the Animal Rescue League of Boston

Police in Dedham say they've exhausted all leads into an investigation to learn who left a Pomeranian in a cage by the side of a road during last month's heat wave.

Someone found the dog in a black crate by the side of Bussey Street on July 23, when the temperature was close to or already had reached 90 degrees, according to Dedham police.

Animal Control Officer Deni Goldman told NBC10 Boston at the time she wanted to get justice for the dog, who is now being called "Buzz," by finding out who abandoned him and why. Abandonment is considered animal cruelty in Massachusetts.

Animal Control says the dog was spotted by a Good Samaritan Saturday and was in good shape, suggesting he had just been left.

A few weeks later, Dedham police now say that none of the leads have led officers to who left the dog in the crate, nor the circumstances surrounding why he was there.

Buzz is now being cared for by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. He's getting a comprehensive veterinary exam, vaccines and preventatives. After that, he will be transitioned for adoption.

Once he's available, you can find him on the ARL's website.

Dedham police remind people that there are resources available if someone needs to surrender a pet.

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