Powerful Thunderstorms Move Through New England

Thursday's forecast calls for powerful thunderstorms in some areas

A weak, but significant front divides New England today. Our 1 p.m. weather map shows mid 90s in Connecticut, mid 70s in Boston, and low 50s in northern Maine!

Along the boundary, which is pretty much positioned along the Massachusetts Turnpike, we are expecting rounds of heavy weather this afternoon and evening.

Powerful thunderstorms move slowly from northwest to southeast close to the stalled front. All storms today are capable of a tremendous amount of lightning and rainfall, along with the possibility of isolated damaging wind gusts (in excess of 55 mph).


Some of heaviest rainfall we get in New England, as a result of a situation like today, a week wave of low pressure on a warm front.

The higher the dewpoint south of the front, the greater potential for heavy rainfall.

Today is one of those days, the dewpoint is in the 70s in Connecticut, while only in the 40s in the state of Maine. Some communities may receive more than 3 inches of rain in an hour or so.


Action should settle down overnight, as we lose heating of the day thanks to the setting sun, storms diminish leaving areas of dense fog, showers, and drizzle.

Weak low-pressure pushes to our east tomorrow, leaving a similar boundary over southern New England, so we still have the potential for showers in the thunderstorm but it's less intense them today.

The temperature forecast for tomorrow is most challenging, it looks like we could be in the 60s on the north shore of Massachusetts, and the New Hampshire seacoast.


With drier air and parts of Maine the sun may come out pushing temperatures in the 70s.

And once again in southwestern New England we may see temperatures close to 90.

Meteorologist Matt Noyes' Pics of the Day

The weekend also features potential for heavy rain.

Stronger low pressure slowly crosses northern New England with the threat for continued downpours, and the possibility of localized flash flooding tomorrow night through early Sunday. The best hope for any sunshine over the weekend is in southern New England, when we may get some breaks and temperatures back into the 70s.

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