Rain Reaches In

Matthew spared Florida a direct hit, but his wind and rain continue to keep people pinned down in Georgia and the Carolinas. In addition, the storm surge has inundated some coastal communities from Jacksonville north.

The saga with Matthew isn't over. As he loops offshore by late weekend, there's still some question whether he turns back over Southern Florida or heads offshore near Bermuda and stalls. Either way, he will be in weakened form (most likely a tropical storm) and likely to sit over open water.

We've been unimpressed with the prospect of any moisture coming north from Matthew all week, but this afternoon, radar and satellite showed some light showers and a plume of clouds snaking into Pennsylvania and Virginia. With a front swinging into that very area Saturday night, the stage is set for a bit of a "tropical boost" to the rain potential into Sunday.

Translated: I'm thinking we'll get more than a few passing showers early Sunday.

In fact, the focus on steadier rain seems to be across Eastern Massachusetts into Sunday afternoon. At stake is up 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of water. Better than sprinkles anyday.

Thereafter, a fresh, cool airmass shifts into town, cooling off Columbus Day and sending us into another week of rain-free weather.

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