Rain With A Side of Snow

It was a tricky storm. (Show me one that isn't when you're dealing with rain/snow lines in New England.) Cold was trapped in Western New England as the precipitation shield advanced this morning. The end result was up to 3-4" in parts of Western Massachusetts by evening.

Big question is why was that so far south, while Vermont was scraping by with a lot less? It's all about the intensity of the precipitation. Heavier intensity will drag more cold air down from the upper atmosphere. A good case study in that was around Worcester. As the precipitation became heavy, flakes mixed in through the afternoon. When it let up, it went back to rain.

Kinda like a witch's brew of weather if you ask me.

This storm will get "wicked" late tonight and tomorrow in the Gulf of Maine. The end result will be a lot more snow in Northern NH and the mountains of Western Maine. Some snow could also mix in as far south as Augusta and Lewiston tomorrow!

Meantime, Southern New England gets a seat on the sidelines. Heavy rain overnight - to the tune of 1-1.5 inches of rain - will exit by morning. Temperatures will also get a boost, bouncing into the 50s along the coast in the wee hours of the night.

Tomorrow the winds will increase in response to the deepening storm to the east, and some "backlash" showers could rotate south in the afternoon.

Mixed message on the weekend depending on where you are. Saturday rain will come in far north, while south we'll see a blend of sun and clouds. Sunday the threat shifts to Southern New England in the afternoon.

Still like the look of Halloween. I mean who wouldn't with all the ghouls, zombies and ghosts you can handle? Oh, and the weather cooperates too. Highs in the low 50s, evening temps in the 40s. Cool and dry.

Updates on the storm right here and on air.

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