Record-Breaking Heat for Mid-October

We officially reached record-breaking warmth for our Wednesday, with highs reaching into the low to mid 80s in southern New England.

The most impressive record heat was in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with a high temperature of 86 degrees, surpassing its old record of 81 degrees set back in 1963. Not only was this a record-breaking daily high temperature for the city -- it was also the second highest temperature reached in Bridgeport during the month of October.

Below is a list of the other towns around New England that also shattered records:

WX Highs 101916

Unfortunately, this record-breaking warm-up for our Wednesday is short-lived, as a cold front, along with scattered rain showers, return for Thursday afternoon and evening with high temperatures returning closer to seasonable temperatures.

We typically see high temperatures near 60 degrees.

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