Records Fall Again

Give me a 60 degree day in March and I won't quibble.

Give me a day in the upper 70s (like yesterday) and another one in the upper 60s (with lows in the 50s at night), a slew of records across the Northeast, and a record warm winter, and I'll think something more sinster is at work.

I'm talking about the elephant in the room here. Global warming - or, as it's more euphemistically put, climate change.

I won't get into the hows and whys here (I don't have enough bandwidth to spare), but if you're into finger pointing, I'd start lifting my arm in that direction. Granted, a sizzling warm pool of water in the Equatorial Pacific - aka El Nino - isn't helping. It is also superimposed against a backdrop of rising global temperatures. Each month we're seeing new records...set only in the month before. We're quickly crossing the "event horizon" in this matter. And soon there won't be anything to stop the momentum.

Now back to the forecast.

Showers moving through tonight have a good push in the jet stream to keep them on schedule to exit before the morning commute tomorrow. In fact, the last showers should exit between 5 and 6 off Cape Cod, leaving us with breaking clouds for the rest of the morning.

With another mild night on tap, you'd think we'd have another serious shot at 60 or better tomorrow. Instead, some cooler air is shifting southward and the northwest wind will help send the temperatures down in the late afternoon and evening tomorrow. Think chilly 40s if you're dressing to go out tomorrow night.

Cold start Saturday morning, but with bluebird skies, dry air, and a warming upper atmosphere, we're game for a HUGE temp swing. I'm pushing the numbers into the 60s by afternoon.

Cooler winds turn in off the water Sunday to knock us back into the 50s. And clouds will be increasing by afternoon.

Sign of things to come in fact. Onshore winds, clouds and showers will dominate the first part of next week. Temperatures take a hit too as we slump back to the 40s on some days. It's not necessarily a colder pattern, but more of a consequence of the wind direction - off the water.

Be well and enjoy the weekend.


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