Republicans in New Hampshire Celebrate Donald Trump’s Inauguration

A group of Republican women in New Hampshire spent the day together celebrating the inauguration.

Some of the members of the Seacoast Republican Women say they’ve been passionate Donald Trump fans from the beginning but others admit they didn’t even vote for him. On Friday, they all felt the same excitement as Trump took the Oath of Office.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the women yelled as they stood up clapping.

Make no mistake about it, New Hampshire resident Donna Slack is proud Republican.

“Cheers,” she said. “Christmas is back!”

But she admits she wasn’t always a fan of Trump.

“I wish he would’ve calmed down about a lot of things along the way,” Slack said.

She worried about his ability to be Presidential, but that changed Friday.

“It gives me hope and he seemed very sincere and I absolutely hope that’s true,” Slack said.

She watched President Trump’s inaugural address with fellow members of the organization at the Copper Lantern in North Hampton.

“It was thrilling, absolutely thrilling,” said Jo Horvath, President of Seacoast Republican Women.

They all say they’re optimistic about the future.

“The inauguration is a unification and it should be and I think he hit it right on the nose,” Horvath said.

For Karen Mason, getting behind Trump hasn’t been easy.

“He was not my last choice, I did not vote Republican,” Mason said.

But on Friday, she says she was moved by the President’s message of solidarity.

“Because that was the first time I had heard those words from his mouth,” Mason said.

This group of Granite Staters showing the world what it looks like to proudly support our President from this moment forward, regardless of the past.

“I am very glad he’s the president of the United States,” Slack said. “I believe what he says.”

Many of these women will continue the celebration into Friday night at New Hampshire’s Inaugural Ball being held in Concord at 6:30 pm.

More than 150 guests are expected to attend.

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