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Rhode Island Mother Recovering After Times Square Shooting

Wendy Magrinat, 23 of Rhode Island, was sightseeing with her husband and their two-year-old child when she was shot in the leg Saturday

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A Mother's Day trip to New York City ended in violence for a 23-year-old Rhode Island mother who was shot in Times Square over the weekend.

Wendy Magrinat was out with her husband and their two-year-old child Saturday afternoon when she heard a scuffle behind her, followed by gunfire.

"I told him, I think, you know, these guy are fighting so please, you know, let's move a little bit up and at the same moment I told him that, the shots fired," Magrinat said. "The first shot went to my leg."

Magrinat is one of three innocent bystanders who were shot when someone opened fire during a dispute between several men, according to the city's police commissioner. Also hit was a 43-year-old woman from New Jersey and a four-year-old girl. All are expected to recover.

The shooting happened shortly before 5 p.m. near the intersection of West 44th Street and Seventh Avenue, police said. Senior officials with the New York Police Department have identified and are searching for a person of interest.

Farrakhan Muhammad tried to shoot his brother after an argument, according to authorities, but instead he hit those three bystanders and left the area.

Magrinat said she's likely going to have a bullet in her leg for the rest of her life.

"Thank God it didn't break my bone or anything like that, but it did go inside and it's where my muscles are right now," Magrinat said. "The doctor said that they wouldn't do any surgery or take out the bullet just because they would do more damage than already what already is."

A relative told NBC10 Boston that Magrinat is back at home recovering in Rhode Island.

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