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Rhode Island Police Cruiser Rear-Ended on Route 95 by Suspected Drunk Driver

Lincoln Woods and Wickford Barracks troopers were investigating a crash on Interstate 95 when one trooper's cruiser was struck

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A Rhode Island State trooper was rear-ended in his cruiser when stopped at the scene of a separate crash on Tuesday.

The trooper had responded to a crash on I-95 South in Warwick, Rhode Island, at approximately 1:09 a.m., state police reported.

While investigating, multiple troopers and members of the Warwick Fire Department closed the three right lanes of the highway, leaving one open. At this time, a trooper who was in his cruiser and blocking the outermost lane was rear-ended by a vehicle that did not slow down or move to the open lane.

Police identified the driver of the vehicle to be Christopher Warrener, 36, of Coventry, Rhode Island. Warrener was not injured in the crash and showed clear signs of intoxication, according to a news release.

Warrener was sent to the Wickford Barracks to be held overnight. He is arraigned on the charges of driving under the influence and driving to endanger.

The trooper is being treated for minor injuries at Rhode Island Hospital.

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