Author of Mystery Restaurant Goodbye Letter Sought

The letter was written in 1982 by the 13-year-old daughter of the restaurant's owner

A Rhode Island carpenter is searching for the author of a three-decade old letter he found on a construction site, penned by a grieving girl bidding adieu to the family's restaurant.

Ron Brophy found the letter while renovating Nico Bella's Family restaurant in Rhode Island, NBC affiliate WJAR reported.

The letter was written on a classic Guest Check pad sheet in 1982 by the 13-year-old daughter of the restaurant's owner.

“My name is Tracie. I am 13 years old. My mother bought this restaurant when I was five. Now she is selling it. So I grew up in this restaurant and I think I'm losing my best friend." 

She continues, "Remember me, the year is 1982 and it is September. Goodbye Duck Soup, I love you, please take care of yourself." 

Brophy said he’s having trouble reading the last name on the note.

"Everything is pretty much legible except for the last name. It looks like Scorpio to me," Brophy told WJAR.

Duck Soup was sold in the 1980's and then Eddie & Sons moved in before Nico Bella took over the space. Daniel and Debbie Crenca, the current owners, said they hope to find Tracie "so we can meet her and show her around."

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