Cianci’s Ex-Wife Gets a Break in Traffic Court TV Show

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The ex-wife of infamous Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci had her parking tickets forgiven during an appearance on a court television show.

The Providence Journal reports that Sheila Bentley, who married Cianci in 1973 and divorced him 10 years later, was featured on the nationally syndicated "Caught in Providence," appearing before Judge Frank Caprio.

Cianci, a Republican-turned-independent, served six terms as mayor and was twice forced from office due to felonies. He spent more than four years in prison and died in 2016.

The six tickets were for a car driven by Bentley's current husband.

Caprio joked he had a conflict of interest because he presided over Bentley's wedding to her current husband.

The judge then asked Officer Robert Quinn for help. Quinn said Bentley had "suffered enough," and Caprio dismissed the tickets.

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