Man to Trek From RI to Nevada for ‘Storm Area 51’

Artist Brandon Burgess has reportedly painted his truck with the words "Area 51" and "Phone Home" for the occasion

82919 area 51 guy

A man in Rhode Island is ignoring warnings from officials and preparing to travel to Nevada to "storm" a secret military base as part of a Facebook event that has garnered national attention. 

WJAR reports that 28-year-old Brandon Burgess from upstate New York is preparing to make the nearly 3,000-mile trek in his truck to Area 51, which conspiracy theorists believe houses answers to alien mysteries.

Burgess, an artist who is visiting friends in Rhode Island, has been keeping tabs on the "Storm Area 51" Facebook invitation and has even decorated his pickup truck with the phrases "Phone Home" and "Area 51."

"People do not have the ability to be willing to give up everything to go. But I do. I have to branch out right now," he told WJAR.

Although the original Facebook invite suggests that participants rush the facility, Burgess said he will linger in the back of the crowd and not follow that recommendation.

The expected date of the event is September 20. The U.S. Air Force has warned people against participating. County Commissioners in Nevada have pre-signed an emergency declaration. 

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