Unexpected Baby Donkey for Local College

Jenny gave birth to the foal Sunday at Peckham Farm

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The University of Rhode Island may have a new guard for its animal herd after a baby donkey was unexpectedly born.

Jenny, one of two guard donkeys at the university, gave birth to the foal Sunday at the university's Peckham Farm.

URI senior Kathryn Voelkner says she saw the baby take her first steps after finding her while feeding the two donkeys.

The birth came as a surprise, since both older donkeys are female.

Jenny came to the farm in May. University officials now believe she was already pregnant when they acquired her, since donkeys can be pregnant for about a year.

The university uses the donkeys to protect its goats and sheep from coyotes and feral dogs. The animals are part of the university's animal science and pre-veterinary classes.

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