Rip Risk Sunday

Even with four days in the 90s and fourteen days in the 80s, Boston will finish the month with below average temperatures. (I guess it doesn’t help when three days the temperature stayed in the 60s! The average high temperature during the month of July is 81°.)

Today was also cool. Temperatures were well below average. It felt more like October than July. We had a near miss with a coastal storm that we would typically see in the fall and not during the summer. Showers kept people off the beach throughout the Cape and Islands. Blustery northeast breezes made it feel even cooler than the 60s. (As of this post, clouds were quickly clearing!)

Sunday will be a (nearly) perfect beach day. We have the sun. We have warmer weather. We have less wind. HOWEVER, the coast storm really kicked up the ocean. There was some upwelling which cooled the waters along the New Hampshire Seacoast through Downeast. Wave will range between 3 and 4 feet with a 3 foot swell. Rip tides will be a common problem at all beaches tomorrow. Be very careful when you go into the water. Swim at protected beaches where there are lifeguards working.

Sunshine and warm weather will stick around for the week. It does become warmer and increasing humid by mid to late week. Isolated showers or thunderstorms are possible from Thursday through the weekend. It won’t be enough to cancel or postpone your plans, but you’ll need to keep an eye to the sky.

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