Same Ol' Same Ol'

A welcomed rain fell in many spots in Western and Central New England this morning. Several hours of rain fell from Metrowest to Greater Worcester, while excessive downpours caused flooding in Springfield. As the rain moved east, a lot of it vanished as the weather system weakened and eventually faded from our radars.

It's been a tough go over the last couple of days for Eastern New England. While both Western and Central New England have seen a soaking, Eastern New England has seen very little rain. This has left many in the "have-not" department with a feeling of rain envy...and it's only going to get worse.

As the drought stretches into its 4th month, tree mortality is increasing across New England, and our foliage season hangs in the balance. Without a long, gentle soaking, healthy trees may start to drop their leaves and go dormant. Worse still, the woods could become tinder dry as we head into the autumn months, not only hastening brush fires, but also priming us for a full-fledged forest fire...the likes we haven't seen in generations in New England.

I'm priming you for the extended dry spell we're about enter. In the next 10-15 days, there will be very few opportunities for rain. And once again, the chances fall under "scattered" and "isolated", leaving the great majority of us high and dry.

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