western New England

Warm, Humid Night With Continuing Thunderstorms

It's been a long day and now going to the evening of thunderstorms with torrential downpours and damaging wind gusts across much of New England.

Storms weaken at night so we are expecting less in the way of damage, but continued off and on heavy rain right through sunrise.

We have reports of rainfall in excess of 4 inches especially in southern Vermont through central New Hampshire.

We've also had reports of trees being knocked down by wind gusts especially west of the Connecticut River.

Temperatures are only slowly falling to the 70s with humidity diminishing just a bit overnight.

We may wake up to heavy rain in the Boston Massachusetts area, possibly coast of Maine too. Areas that mostly missed the rain today have a better chance early tomorrow.

Then we have a good amount of sunshine during the middle the day with scattered showers, and a possible isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. Temperatures once again well into the 80s.

An upper level low pressure system is over us on Wednesday, that means an instability shower or two again possible. But most of the day should be dry and less humid with a high temperature in the 70s to low 80s.

Thursday looks like a nice day with sunshine in the morning, fading sun in the afternoon as a warm front approaches from the west. A chance of showers and thunderstorms for Thursday night and Friday, perhaps some more significant rain in the order of a half inch to an inch.

Also keeping an eye on the tropics, as there are possibly two tropical depressions or tropical storms forming, one east of the Caribbean, and the other is in the southern Gulf of Mexico. The one from the Gulf of Mexico may try and add moisture to a weather front that could impact our weekend.

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