New Hampshire

School Takes Action Against Alleged Student Stalker

After a New Hampshire man was accused of trying to lure young-students athletes on the internet, one school district is taking extra precautions, getting a legal no-trespassing order against him.

That suspect, Robert Slye, isn’t allowed to step foot on school grounds and the superintendent sent a letter to parents Thursday morning urging them to talk to their kids about what can go wrong online.

"It brings up, ‘am I doing enough?'" asked Timberlane mom Gina Bowman.

In a lot of households Thursday night, including the Bowman’s, there will be heavy conversation at the dinner table.

"Sometimes, it takes these things to open up that dialogue with them,"Bowman said.

"I’m going to pick them up right now, so I am definitely going to have that conversation, especially with my daughter," said dad of two Timberlane students Anthony Lopez.

This comes after police say Slye, a Danville resident, was pretending to be a woman on Facebook, asking young student athletes in the area for photos.

"It’s scary," said Bowman’s daughter, Katherine.

"You don’t really expect something like that to happen where you live," said Katherine’s friend Katelyn Giangregorio.

A day after police released Slye’s mugshot and information about his history of stalking convictions, Timberlane Superintendent Dr. Earl Metzler went to police and got a no-trespassing order to keep Slye off school premises and prohibit him from contacting students. Metzler spoke with us via Facetime.

"It creates a sense of urgency, we need to do more to make sure our kids are safe," Metzler said.

This story is proof that behind every social media app, there could be trouble.

While students are getting the message, school leaders say it’s still up to parents to keep a close eye on what their kids are doing online.

"There’s nothing more important than keeping them safe, but I have to also let them be them, and find a balance," Bowman said.

Both Bowman and Lopez say they’re thrilled the district is being proactive in requesting that no-trespassing order now – instead of waiting for something to happen. 

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