Scott Brown: Donald Trump is ‘Next President of the United States’

It's hard to imagine that there was once a bromance between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Two days after the GOP debate in South Carolina, where the two clashed over Cruz's Canadian birth and Trump's New York values, Trump blasted his onetime closest opponent at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Trump said it was a disgrace for Ted Cruz to criticize "New York values."

"So he obviously didn't want the voters to know that he is totally controlled, lock, stock and barrel, by Citibank and by Goldman Sachs," Trump said of Cruz.

Deb Kadar-Hull, a Trump supporter, said she didn't like what Cruz said about New York at the debate.

"If you're going to say something, be prepared for a backlash," said Eric Logsbon of Dover.

The rally was part of former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown's candidate series, which finishes off on Tuesday when Cruz is the guest of honor.

Asked if he thought Trump crossed the line in criticizing Cruz, Scott Brown said politics "is a blood sport" and that he was surprised it has been a civil as it has been.

Brown has been neutral in the race, so it did not go unnoticed when he introduced Trump as "the next president of the United States."

"I've done that for other candidates as well, just to let them know that they are very important and everybody could potentially be the next president of the United States," Brown said.

The former senator says he plans to announce his endorsement after the Cruz event.

But some in this New Hampshire crowd are hoping that Trump's next bromance will be with Brown.

Brown got around of applause when someone from the crowd yelled "Brown for vice president."

Trump will be back in New Hampshire Monday afternoon for a rally in Concord.

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