Snow Hammers Southern New England

Send In The Clowns

Spring weather lovers were outraged with the forecast today. A half foot of snow? In April? Without a nor'easter?

If we don't laugh, we'll cry.

The chill was in midwinter form. It was cold enough for (somewhat obscure) records, in fact.

Boston's High: 30

Worcester's High: 22

Old record cold high temperatures were 30 and 31 respectively. Beating the record by 9 degrees in Worcester? That's what I call an unprecedented cold snap.

Which factored greatly into the forecast today. That cold air was incorporated into the storm and caused the snow to fluff a great deal - in addition to freezing the ground and roads, which created the nasty conditions we saw from start to finish today. Had our temperature been near freezing, we would have seen half as much snow.

Onward and upward?

Not quite. Cold high pressure will be building in. We may be near a record low temperature on Wednesday morning. The number to beat in Boston is 20, Worcester is 15.

The recovery is a swift as the cooldown later this week. Southerly winds will bring us above normal as a moist storm arrives from the South. Loaded with rain, this storm will soak us good Thursday and Thursday Night.

Long range I don't see cold like this for the foreseeable future, but we will be prone to sharp warmups and cooldowns thanks to some bombastic blocking in Greenland.

Stay warm.


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