Shaking Things Up

Yet another HUGE turnaround in temperatures today. After starting the morning off in the 20s, we skyrocketed up into the upper 60s! It was astonishing, considering we only have 9 hours and 48 minutes of daylight. What was key here was the dry air: it warms and cools with ease... anytime of the year.

This was also another day in the ongoing fight to establish a pattern in November. We've see-sawed between warm and cold days since the start of the month, yet no steady pattern has emerged thus far.

In the meantime, a developing coastal storm has captured our attention. It promises to combine with an astronomically high tide (thanks to the supermoon) to inundate some coastal communities around noon tomorrow.

As it stands, our tides are high enough to cause flooding by themselves. Combined with a stiff (but not intense) onshore wind however, we'll be piling more water up along the coast. Thankfully, there is a disconnect between the strongest winds and the time of high tide. (High at noon, strongest winds 4-7pm), so we will be spared serious inundation and damage.

As the storm pulls away, there isn't much cold air that will fall back over us, so I expect we will stay in the mild range through late week. A developing storm this weekend will shift the colder air into New England by early next week, and there are signs that may carry into Thanksgiving. Could this finally be a turn to winter? I have my doubts about whether it has staying power, but we'll keep you informed.

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