Six-Year-Old Maine Girl Recovering After Vicious Dog Attack

Lily Norton spent 12 hours in surgery and needed more than 1,000 stitches following the incident

News Center Maine

A 6-year-old Maine girl is recovering after she was viciously attacked by a dog last weekend.

According to News Center Maine, Lily Norton, of Chesterville, spent 12 hours in surgery and needed over 1,000 stitches after she was attacked on Saturday.

"She's still sedated because she has a breathing tube in," the girl's mother, Dorothy Norton, said. "But other than that, she's really good. She looks really good."

Lily was over at a friend's house when the attack happened. She was reportedly bitten by a pit bull her friend was dog-sitting at the time.

The young girl was rushed to a nearby hospital and then taken by medical helicopter to Boston Children's Hospital, where she remains as she continues her recovery.

Lily was scheduled to undergo surgery on Friday and again next week. Her mother said she is expected to be in the hospital for about two weeks.

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