Sliding Temps Late Weekend

Did you notice the sticky air whafting around today? Humidity was on the rise ahead of a cool front marching across New England.

My college professors would probably roll their eyes at that last sentence. Technically it is a cool front, but thanks to the bright sun, the temperatures will actually be warmer tomorrow.

So how about we just leave it at a "drying front"? Because that's exactly what it will do. Lower the humidity and set us up for a great-looking Saturday.

A real cool front will approach Western New England with a possible thunderstorm tomorrow evening. Places like Bennington, Vermont and Pittsfield, MA have a shot at some downpours by 5-6pm. The rest of us will have to wait until after dark. Since the air is pretty unstable, we could see some rumbles all the way to Worcester or Nashua through 9-10pm.

Cool air is pooling on Sunday and it will knock back the high temperatures to below seasonable levels. Monday's even cooler with highs struggling to get to 60 in most spots - we may even struggle to meet 50 in Northern New England!

As quickly as that cool air shoots in, it vanishes by Tuesday of next week. Speaking of, not a lot of rain in the next 7-10 days. Pattern remains rather dry.

Enjoy the weekend!

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