Slowly Surging Forward

The sunny streak is just beginning, and we don't have a threat for showers for another nine to 10 days! If that doesn't get your attention, then maybe the thought of hitting the 70s does.

Hold your horses though. The road to the warm weather is a long one; fraught with chilly sea breezes and a flippant front.

Highs through Saturday will struggle in many spots along the coast, most likely not cresting far above 50 - if we make it at all. Elsewhere, just outside of 128 and 495 and all throughout New England, each day will see a two to three degree jump. Add it all up and we'll be knocking on the door of 70 by Sunday.

Even along the coast we should see a significant rise in temperatures, thanks to the high pressure system sliding offshore and allowing the wind to turn more southwest. That said, a light sea breeze could keep us "only" around 60 on Sunday while the rest of Southern New England warms into the 70s.

Marathon Monday's forecast has wavered between 60s and 70s for a few forecast cycles now. A significant development surfaced in the forecast today however, one that could seal the deal for toasty temperatures.

The cool front that affects us in the afternoon Monday has switched from approaching from Maine to approaching from Vermont. This makes a huge difference in the forecasted temperatures, since a front from Maine could have cooled us dramatically in a matter of hours (often known as the "back door cold front"), while a front arriving from Vermont will likely help us to 70 or better thanks to a switch in wind direction. Bottom line: I'm even more confident in seeing warm temperatures for the runners with a steady tail wind (southwest and then northwest) into Boston.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun!

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