Snow No! Mild Pattern Dominates

Renegade bands of snow showers broke out Friday afternoon, with some spots picking up a couple of inches in Vermont (Bridgeport and Cornwall had up to four inches!), but as that band descended into Southern New England, it ran into warmer air.

Although we saw a quick drop into the upper 30s, it was not enough to stick. Combined with the fact that the snow showers moved out as quickly as they moved in, it was much ado about nothing.

So is the weekend forecast - um, sunshine-wise. Clouds will rush in tomorrow and stick around through Monday. It's not to say we're overcast all through that period, but sun will be limited.

Temperatures, however, are another matter. We're going for 50 as a nice, round number to aim for on Sunday, and surpass on Monday. Yes, it's that mild. And yes, it should stick around.

After a "setback" to the mid 40s on Tuesday, we should shoot for the moon - and possibly record temperatures on Wednesday. There are exceptions to this rule, however - as the warm air gets hung up on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire and Massachusetts/Vermont borders, we should hold in the 40s across northern New England.

There is enough warm air surging north to break high temp records across Southern New England. The number to beat in Boston is 59 (possible) and 60 in Providence (also possible). In short, it is expected to be an unusually mild day.

Brace yourselves in the long range. Time is running out for the mild air. The shoe may drop after this warm surge later next week, as there are signs that the cold is building and sweeping south into New England. It's a major pattern change that may have staying power well into Valentine's Day.

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