There's Snow This Weekend, Too

Some areas could see over six inches of snow

 A snow event is underway across New England!

Granted, only part of New England will see a storm -- it’s too brief to call it that across Southern New England. The multi-pronged system caused snow to erupt over Maine and Southern New England almost simultaneously this afternoon. In the meantime, a caboose of white-out squalls was cruising through New York State. What does it mean for the overnight weather?

For Southern New England, the whole event should wrap between 8 and 10pm, with those squalls slowly melting away as they cross the Commonwealth. On the other end of the spectrum, the show will continue in Northern New England into Wednesday morning. Anything north of Kennebunk and North Conway will see snow into the wee hours, continuing at least until midday in Eastern and Northern Maine.

Check the snowfall amounts in the graphic.

So concludes our "event/storm". We’ll see clear sailing into the rest of the workweek with seasonable temperatures. Then, we await the weekend and an unfolding storm on Saturday. The cold will be marginal and easily eroded across Southern New England thanks to an eastern wind, at least initially. As the storm is kicked offshore, the cold should wrap back in and change us to snow. It will be an ugly day, with whipping winds and a cold feel. Western Mass. to Northern New England could be talking six or more inches.

It’s an attention-grabber, and we’ll be on top of it every step of the way .

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