Snowy Rooftops a Concern With This Weekend's Winter Blast

Early thoughts on the weekend. Snowfall map should not be taken verbatim - I actually think there'll be more in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire than indicated (more like 5 or 6 inches, perhaps), but I used these maps on-air this morning to drive home the point that snow will fall this weekend, even if a mix takes place.

Timeframe is snow starts Saturday eve, mixes in southern New England Saturday overnight, mixed precipitation may end as snow Sunday. The take-away point: roofs must be cleared if significant snow still on them.

Of all the jobs being impacted by a difficult winter, postal workers are near the top of the list.

This snowfall map is likely significantly underdone in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire and into northern Connecticut, where I expect closer to 5 or 6 inches, but the point is, snow will fall and accumulate Saturday eve and night (into Sunday in Northern New England)


Persistent low-level cold air will likely cause ice glaze from freezing rain for some.


Meanwhile, total melted precipitation amounts, falling as snow or at least some snow for many, but the point is our weight load on rooftops will increase dangerously Saturday night, so roofs must be cleared of substantial snow accumulation by Saturday evening.

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