Monday’s Snow: Are We In It Now?

Where you slip sliding away this morning? If you HAD to be at work between 8 and 9 and were caught in that burst of steady snow, chances are your car or truck did have a hard time getting a grip on things.

The finish was much better during the evening drive. Skies cleared and the temps stayed in the upper 30s. That was short-lived however, as we dropped below freezing right within a few hours.

Next up: a weakening weather system. This will be tough to stare down, however as it comes roaring up from the Deep South with steady rain and a few downpours. The key to this forecast is to know the state of the upper atmosphere - and plan accordingly.

The upper level winds will act to shred this storm as it approaches New England. As always, this is a timing issue and just as it enters Western New England, the storm should start weakening. Given that it arrives Tuesday night (with cold in place), we should see some accumulating snow in spots before it completely unravels.

That said, this is not another gnarly morning commute unfolding. There just isn't enough energy with this system to keep the "con" going throughout the day. Instead, we'll see increasing sun in the afternoon as the drier air moves in.

Longer range, it's hurry up and wait. The coldest air of this young season is moving in by late week, and it promises to send a chill down your spine. Highs will struggle to make freezing by Saturday - in many cases it won't - and into Sunday. This too has limits and should bounce out of New England by the early part of next week. But the groundwork is being laid for more cold blasts in the longer range.

We're in it now. Welcome to winter.

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