Soaking Rain on the Way

We were able to salvage the second half of our weekend. Honestly, for early August, it doesn’t get much nicer than this!

Dew points dropped from the 70s into the 40s and 50s (the change between feeling like Florida and a nice autumn day). Temperatures reached the upper 70s and low 80s–slightly below average for this time of year. Currently, we are nearly a degree above average for the month of August. If you love the heat, our exclusive 10-day forecast does NOT have any 90°+ temperatures through the forecast period. For the most part, temperatures will stay average or slightly below average. Even with our dozen or so 90° days, it has been a relatively cool summer.

Our next storm system is moving through the Midwest and Ohio River Valley. It produced a rare EF-2 August tornado in the City of Tulsa. Although it wasn’t a wide tornado, the twister cut a two mile path of damage through the city. We aren’t expecting any severe weather locally, but this storm will produce some significant rain. The forecast models haven’t done the best job in consistently placing the heaviest band of rain. Wherever it sets up, 1- 3” of rain is possible.

That storm system will move out during the day on Tuesday. Conditions will quickly improve during the afternoon. Behind the storm we will gain a couple of nice beach days–Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday. Shower chances increase by the weekend. By no means will the weekend be a wash out, but make sure you have a temporary back up plan.

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