Soggy Christmas Eve

It was a typical winter day in New England. That is, typical temperatures without arctic air. Seems that when the bitter air is missing, we're a lock for daytime highs in the 40s. When it's around, well, you know it can be numbing.

Since it's gone, we're working with marginal cold for snow. Only with nighttime cooling are we able to get flakes and sleet pellets in Southern New England tomorrow. And even then, the warmup - and subsequent rain - is inevitable.

Plan on a soaker in Southern New England, with a mix to rain timeline in Central New England. It's only when you get north of Rt. 2 in Northern New England that you'll likely encounter all snow. However, since the heaviest precipitation is south this time around, we're only expecting light accumulations.

After a washed out Pats game, we'll have rapid clearing and drying Saturday night, just in time for St. Nick to take to the skies. Not expecting black ice because temps will hold in the mid/upper 30s during the drying phase.

Highs on Christmas may not sound all that bad (near 40), but with cold, dry air draining in throughout the afternoon, our numbers will slump...then outright crash Sunday night.

Next up is a light mix for Monday, before we warm it up again. Cold will finally put the brakes on the abrupt temperature change by next weekend.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy your holiday!

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