Source of “Sonic Boom” a Mystery to Police

Police in Brentwood, New Hampshire, are looking for answers after an officer heard what sounded like a loud explosion early Thursday morning.

According to a post on the Brentwood Police Facebook page, Officer Brett Wells of the Brentwood Police Department was patrolling the area of Route 111A and Dalton Road around 3 a.m. Thursday when he heard what sounded like a loud explosion followed by a ground tremor.

"Officer Wells described the sound as being similar to a 'sonic boom' followed by a minor earthquake tremor," the department said. The officer then searched the area but wasn't able to find anything that could have caused the sound or tremors.

No official earthquake was reported, police said. Anyone with information about the cause is asked to call the Brentwood Police Department at 603-642-8817 and ask for Sgt. H.D. Wood.

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