Splendid Weather Rolls On

Quite a streak we're on: we remain bathed in sunshine and the temperatures are warming.

Although probably not as quickly as you'd like.

This is the time of year where the waiting is the hardest part. Cool northeast winds are making it hard to get out of the 50s along the coast. Once again we fell short with highs only in the mid and upper 40s.

Not expecting much in the way of change in the coming days. 50s could work in along the coast as the airmass slowly warms, but for the most part, the air remains chilly. Of note, an ocean storm will back up closer to New England and increase the wind late tomorrow and Saturday on the Cape/Islands. Some gusts may reach up to 40mph.

In addition, the air remains very dry. Fire weather watches have been issued for Southern and Central NH and most of Maine with the exception of the mountains and The County.

I'm stressing the first sentence in the previous paragraph. It's a critical element in our forecast for the coming days since it will contribute to huge temperature swings from day to night, aggrevate the pollen and keep the humidity out of the forecast.

By the weekend, the warmer weather will be very apparent. 60s will dominate away from the coast Saturday, while Sunday the low 70s will take over - again away from the coast. With such weak winds to carry in the warmth, I'm thinking that sea breezes may even be around on Marathon Monday. While the course route bakes in the 60s and 70s, downtown Boston should be cooled with a gentle wind off the water.

Makes it worth running to the city just to cool off.

It's #onebostonday tomorrow! As Mayor Walsh has asked, please make a difference and perform random acts of kindness and spread some goodwill.

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