Spring Goes On Break

First of all, I'm not one to make a big deal out of April Fools' Day - unless you're my wife when I told her I resigned and wanted to collect hub caps. (Yes, couch all weekend.) So believe me when I say that winter is returning with a vengance this weekend.

First up, the front crossing tonight will drop us from these outrageous 70s back to the 50s tomorrow. Thing is, the front juust clears the Commonwealth, allowing for some showers to swarm back over us through early tomorrow. Had it passed well offshore, we could have squeaked out a decent afternoon. Instead, I'm seeing a wet and coolish spring day.

Then another front crosses tomorrow evening and sets the table for the snow on Sunday morning. A potent upper level storm is racing through as well, further destablizing the atmosphere. What it boils down to is this: thundersnow is a real possibility from 5-9 a.m. Sunday.

If caught in one of these thundersnowstorms (yes, it's a word), you might have white-outs, intense snow and, of course, thunder and lightning. Accumulations will be sudden and swift. Generally, a good coating to 3" areawide....even to the coast. Yeah, that sounds like winter.

In addition, while the winds will seem tame at first, by mid to late morning, they will be whipping up to 50mph. Temps stumble around all day, staying in the 30s. Wind chills, on the other hand, will only be in the low to mid 20s!

If that's not enough, there's another swift-moving (but more gentle) storm system rolling through on Monday. Pacing is light and steady, starting from mid-morning through the afternoon. May even mix with rain along the entire coast. Here too accumulations will be light. Generally a coating to 3" areawide.

We follow it with a shot of cold air on Tuesday, and thus conclude our soiree with winter.

Next on the horizon: a super-soaker rainstorm late next week.

The fun just keeps coming.

Make it a good, safe weekend.


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