Spring Storm on the Way

Rain and Wind Move in Tomorrow


Beautiful sun boosted us to the big 5-0 today - and unlike birthdays, it's not the new 40. It's more like the new norm across New England. How mild has it been? Enough for a viewer to send me an email last night and tell me her maple tree is "weeping" sap already.

Cue up the spring storm.

It's rolling through the Upper Plains, Midwest and South with Blizzard Warnings on one side and Tornado Warnings on the other. We're clearly on the warmer side of this storm tomorrow, but enough cold air has settled across Northern New England to start as some mix or plain snow in the first hours of the storm.

It's from Northeastern Vermont through the Mt. Washington Valley and into Western and Northern Maine that a burst of snow in the late morning/early afternoon could put down 2-4" of snow. I'm still expecting a changeover to rain all the way to Houlton, Maine with this storm system. It's just overwhelmingly warm both aloft and at the surface.

Eventually, we'll all warm through the 40s on steady southeast wind. 50s will arrive late in Southern New England, thanks to the wind blowing off a chilly ocean. In fact, we may wait until near - or just after midnight - to make it into the mid and upper 50s. With the storm dragging its feet, that warmth will still be around first thing on Thursday, giving us another chance at keep the cold at bay.

Plenty of moisture being fed into our storm. I'm expected it to drop at least an inch of rain across Southern New England through Thursday morning. Winds will also crank from the southeast along the coast and in the elevated terrain of New England. Gusts could hit 50 late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Quieter weather settles in Thursday and Friday as showers tease Southeast Mass. A gradual cool down could mean the last bits of precipitation fall as snowflakes on the Cape by Friday morning...but it will take until that point to get the temps down into the 30s.

Weekend is quiet with a shot of cold by Sunday afternoon. Could it set the stage for a REAL winter storm early next week. Time will tell.

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