Spring Temperatures This Week?


From record-setting cold to the 50s tomorrow? Sounds simple, right?

Hardly. In many respects, it was easier to cool us down this weekend than it will be to warm us tonight and tomorrow.

50s are waiting to come in - along with howling wind and possibly a thunderstorm - but first we have to heave out the cold with a warm front.

That warm front will move through Southern New England rather swiftly tonight, but Northern New England will take a bit longer - maybe into the late morning tomorrow - owing to a later start to the storm.


Snow has arrived in many spots. A burst of heavier snow is likely before changeover between 9-midnight in Southern New England. Northern New England will take until the wee hours to see the changeover. As a result, there will be some slick spots around in the morning in Northern New England.

General rain showers can be expected through early tomorrow before we see a batch of heavy rain move through - just in time for the evening commute. There is a lot of warm air in the upper atmosphere and plenty of instability, so a few rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out as this rain moves through. Beware of flooded intersections, wheel spray and ponding on the roads! .

Things settle down tomorrow night and remain mostly above freezing, setting us up for a mild Wednesday.

Windy Worries

Wind is a big issue with this storm. Once the cold is peeled back we will be exposed to high level winds cruising through the jet stream. Heavy rain tomorrow evening will help transport some of that intense wind down to ground level. Gusts in along the coast from the Cape to Maine will be strongest, with some spots hitting 50-60 mph tomorrow evening. Elsewhere, 40-50 mph is possible, especially at the higher terrain.

Looking Ahead

The pattern stays active, but it's not nearly as cold as what we saw this weekend. One and done? Remains to be seen, but now that we're moving away from the coldest part of winter, it's less and less likely we'd see something that numbing again.

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