Sticky Air With A Few Storms Brewing

Another super weekend! Highs in the 80s, comfy air, and bright sun.

But it's becoming increasingly evident that we are in dire straits with the drought. Not often we get elevated fire risk in New England during the summer (typically it happens in late spring and sometimes early autumn) but we had just that today as the air remained dry and the wind kicked up.

It's very possible that if a fire does get started, it may go underground and burn deep into the forest floor. Fires of that nature take weeks to fully extinguish and sometimes smolder until a healthy rainstorm comes along.

Which it's not.

The pattern shows no signs of any all-day rains in the extended forecast. Instead, we are facing a slowing cool front in the coming days. Certainly better than days of blazing sun, but not what the doctor ordered for the drought.

Storms may become strong or severe tomorrow from mid to late afternoon across Western New England as this front approaches. Be mindful of the forecast and watch the skies tomorrow in Vermont and Western Mass.

The focus turns to Eastern New England Wednesday as the front slowly crosses the area. Severe threat is lower, but we'll still watch the storms pop in the afternoon. Downpours will be few and far between unfortunately, as ordinary clouds limit the extent of the storms.

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