Storm Watch Tomorrow

Couldn't help but notice how the clouds vanished this afternoon along Coastal New England. We had several budding in the early part of the day, but just as soon as the southwest wind became firmly established, they disappeared.

Shouldn't come as any surprise. Southwest winds can bring in maritime air from Narragansett and Buzzards Bay, stabilizing the atmosphere and nuking cloud development.

This is important because we will see the same setup tomorrow...but instead of fair weather clouds, we may have an approaching line of storms (some severe) marching in from Western New England.

These storms really don't have a chance at making in to Greater Boston. They'll fizzle once they encounter the stable air...AND they will be too far out ahead of their main source of lift, the cool front.

Speaking of, that front will be around on Friday to pop a few more storms, then it too runs out of gas and tiptoes through the area on Saturday. This will turn the wind to the west and lower the addition to making a stellar beach day. Ditto for Sunday with a touch cooler air and low humidity. 

Get your beach umbrellas ready!

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