Streak Rolls On

Sea breeze setback. That's what we're calling it. After surging into the mid 80s in Boston yesterday, we saw the numbers fall back into the 70s thanks to an easterly wind. However, farther from the coast in Southern NH, we sizzled under blazing sun, almost getting into the upper 80s in spots.

In the world of weather, the sea breeze can be like the long arm of the law. Tomorrow, it will be backed by a large scale wind from the east/northeast, allowing it to push deep into Western New England. That levels the playing field and knocks most of us back into the 70s.

New Drought Monitor is out today. Still in slight to moderate drought across most of New England. Unfortunately, the showers will be few in the coming days - limited to Northern New England and very brief and isolated.

A tricky low pressure system will be adrift off Nantucket after Father's Day (which starts a warming trend, BTW). This storm will be far enough away from us that we won't see any wet weather, but it may influence the behavior of the sea breeze on Monday, putting a temporary hold on the hot weather until Tuesday.

We'll keep our eyes peeled. Enjoy the sun!

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