Students Rally Against Body Shaming After Prom Photo Comments

Several students of Portsmouth High School in New Hampshire found a reason to wear their prom dresses a second time.

A group of them rallied in Market Square Friday evening to find some positive after some negative comments were posted online about these same dresses.

On SeaCoastOnline's Facebook page, adults commented on the group's prom photos.

"Too short, too tight," said one person.

Another said, "The white trashification of American culture continues."

For Kelly Doben-Annis, the most offensive was one that said, "Just glad these ladies are not my daughters."

"I was a little appalled by that because I'm very proud of my daughter and a lot of her friends," she told necn.

"It's just upsetting when someone judges you based on what you wore one night over who you really are," said senior Lizzy Rice. "You don't know I'm an honor student and an athlete."

But some parents say the length of the dress does matter.

"I think some of the girls over there, their dresses are maybe a little short for their age," said one man. "If that's what they want to wear and their comfortable with it, that's up to them, but personally, I think their dresses are too short."

The girls say overall the message isn't just about clothing. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

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