Summer Barges In

The Thread

Our coastal "storm" was hardly worth the title, but after dropping about a quarter inch of rain in some spots, it was a welcome sight for a parched landcape.

As long as you didn't mind the chilly temperatures.

A simple wind shift and an increase in sunshine will spell a HUGE change in our numbers tomorrow. We'll surge right into the 80s (with select few around 90 in Southern New England) on the heels of a steady west/southwest wind. Storms may form along a cool front in Northern New England in the afternoon, so keep an eye to the sky.

Other than that, our showery fortunes are few in the next several days. As we transition to a more summery pattern, we're bringing back terms like "scattered" and "isolated" to describe our chances at rain and thunderstorms.

With the passage of that cool front, our temperatures will dip a bit on Thursday and Friday, but only by a few degrees, and mostly along the coast with the developing sea breeze.

The holiday weekend starts with another huge push of warmth on Saturday before we come falling back to reality for the Sunday/Monday time frame. I am still concerned about fog and low clouds plaguing the beaches, but that may be a "game time decision" since it's a little hard to guarantee this far out.

In the meantime, grab the shades and dig out the fans and air conditioners.

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