Summer Hangs On

Steeped in drought, it's tough to celebrate a gorgeous day like today.

But at face value, it was stellar. And warm. And comfortable. We'll have another toasty one tomorrow, but with a cool front approaching, it's not going to stay storm-free.

First sign things are changing will be thickening clouds by morning - along with an early morning shower in Vermont and Northern NH. Sun will be baking us in Southern New England, and that growing heat will aid and abet the development of thunderstorms. Some of those could be severe too. Keep your eyes peeled from 2pm into the evening. Primary threat will be gusty winds that could bring down tree limbs and power lines. Unfortunately, if you're looking for rain, these storms will likely disappoint. Nothing more than a few minutes of heavy rain at play here...much like we've seen (and begrudged) all summer long.

Fast forward to the taste of autumn on Thursday. Huge drop in temperatures thanks to a sharp jab of cool air. Highs struggle to make 70 degrees in many spots. Winds will come in from the north/northeast...a chilly direction any time of year.

Long range, there is still some hope for more than a 20 minute downpour late weekend and early next week. A slow-moving front could provide us with some badly needed steady rain in some areas. Can't pin it down just yet who has the greatest chance, but we're optimistic...

...and doing our rain dances.

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