Summer Heat Slowly Fades

Hottest day for many today. That's not saying much in a summer that's seen very few 90 degree days. So far in Boston, we've had 2...whereas a typical summer sees 13.

Lots of ground to make up in the coming months. But before you go buy a bigger A/C unit for this current hot spell, read on.

The cooler air is already mounting a comeback. Sea breezes were evident along the coast from Southern Maine to Cape Ann and the North Shore of Boston. We even were teased by one in the city this afternoon.

As a weak low passes in the coming days, the cooler east and northeast winds will become even more established. Combined with lowering and increasing clouds, the fix is in.

Thunder (the tame kind) is a summer treat that we've been missing out on too. There is a decent threat for a few storms to fire after lunch tomorrow...mainly away from the coast. Friday should see that threat diminish as the northeasterly flow stabilizes the atmosphere.

The weekend is still looking like a stinker. Sure, we need the rain, but the timing (and the temps), most unfortunate.

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