Summer Heat Takes A Back Seat

Superb day! Tons of sun and a dry northwest breeze pushed us well into the 80s across Southern New England.

Just as we get accustomed to highs in summer warmth, it looks like the temps will slump a little as the sea breeze takes over in the coming days.

First to see the drop: the coastline (tomorrow). Then, as high pressure establishes across Ontario, the winds become a little more brisk from the east in the following days, dropping the 80s out of the picture for most of New England.

In addition to the cooler air, we may see some pop-up showers on Friday across Northern New England. Wouldn't be surprised to see these drift into Southern New England by evening, but they won't be of much consequence as they work into a VERY dry landscape.

And there's not much hope to bust this deepening drought. A weak low will be adrift offshore by Father's Day, perhaps enhancing a light onshore wind along the coast...and holding back a return to widespread 80s.

We're still on track for some hot weather early next week. Thanks to that weak low offshore, it may be delayed until Tuesday. But rest assured, we're going to bake...and then watch the skies for some rowdy storms in the afternoon.

If that's not summer, I don't know what is.

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