Summer Put on Hold

Since June 1st we've had ten weekend days (not including THIS weekend). In Boston we've received at least a trace of rain on two of those days - not a bad stretch of weekends. If you look at the big picture, it's been dry 80% of the time.

This weekend low pressure has stalled right over New England. Remember weather 101 - low pressure means unsettled weather, high pressure means quiet weather. The weekend rain chances are highest in western New England today and over eastern New England tomorrow. If we see a few thunderstorms develop, rainfall totals could be significant --- approaching an inch no thunderstorms, maybe a half inch.

As we go back to work on Monday, the sunshine comes back! If you took vacation this week - congratulations! The weather should be very quiet, but HOT. I'm forecasting the first heatwave of 2016. Starting on Wednesday the temperature will climb into the 90s. The heat should continue into next weekend. For an "official heatwave" you need three days (or more) in a row with temperatures at or above 90 degrees. The last heatwave in Boston was last September. We were 93 on September 7th, 96 on September 8th and 93 on September 9th. Stay cool and keep hydrated!

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