A potent little weather system spun up some healthy rain across New York and Long Island. We managed to stay on the outer edge of this system, allowing for sunshine - but also helping to fire up some storms in southeastern Massachusetts.

With the freezing level nice and low, the storms were able to put down small hail in Hanover, Brockton and Fall River. As quickly as they formed, they moved on to other communities. Everything settles down tonight as skies clear and the cool air settles in.

Get ready for some chilly mornings ahead. Suburbs and Northern New England will fall back to the 40s both Thursday and Friday mornings. Coupled with the wind tomorrow and early Friday, you'll think we skipped summer and went directly to fall.

We'll mount a comeback by the start of the weekend, but it's a feeble one. Our temps just get back to near normal before they are smacked back down on Sunday and Monday.

Long range, it's looking dry again. A brief spat of showers is possible Sunday morning before we begin a five-day stretch of sunny weather. I'm not complaining, but I'm wary that we'll build on this dryness in the months ahead.

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