Super Weekend As Temps Creep Up

It's been quite a week weatherwise. We completely turned the pattern upside down with our string of sunny days.

The warmup, however, has been another story. Stiff winds from the northeast have hampered any effort to mount a comeback. Highs again struggled to make it over 50 in Boston, throughout the North Shore and into Southeastern Massachusetts. We'll again fight the good fight tomorrow, but I really don't believe it will be until Sunday and Monday that we'll have a chance to throw off the yoke and jump above normal (55 these days).

We remain on the cool side of a high pressure tomorrow. Combined with a low pressure backing into us from Nova Scotia, we'll actually increase the winds along the coast and perhaps throw a few clouds in for good measure.

Seems we're heading in the wrong direction with that foreast.

But then our fortunes are reversed on Sunday as the high slips offshore and our winds turn more southwest - at least in Western New England. Highs there (and throughout a good chunk of Central Massachussetts and New Hampshire) make a run for 70. As coastal sea breezes continue, highs will only be near 60 in Boston and along both shores.

Monday's forecast is still not very clear-cut. A front will slip in during the afternoon and energize the sea breeze. The bottom line is that all along the Marathon route temps will warm through the 60s, but when you reach Boston, there will be a steady head wind and chilly temps in the 50s. If the front slides in sooner, you could meet the cool air in Framingham.

Like anyone running the race, minutes and hours mean everything.

Have a good, safe weekend.

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