Superb Summery Sunshine

It's what we've waited for since last fall: dazzling sun, gentle sea breezes and warm weather! Sure, we remain in the grips of a light to moderate drought, but we are fortunate that the dry weather stretches through Father's Day weekend.

Storms stay far from New England in the coming days. Heat that's been searing the Plains over the last couple of days will lean in our direction from Sunday through Tuesday, bringing some spots (especially NORTHERN New England) to the brink of 90 degrees.

What about the weekend? As we've mentioned many times in this blog, it's all about the wind direction here in New England. East winds will cool us to the 70s along the coast tomorrow, but then turn into the south/southwest for Sunday, smearing 80s all over.

The heat peaks on Monday and Tuesday ahead of a sharp cool front. Some spots may see a nasty storm on Tuesday afternoon as this front drops in, so keep an eye to the sky.

In the meantime, slather on the sunscreen, keep cool and with Bike Week underway in Laconia, ride safe and watch for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

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