Suspected Drug, Alcohol Use Hospitalizes 36 After Avicii Concert at TD Garden

Officials say concert-goers were suspected of drug and alcohol use at the concert

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Justin Michaels) - Dozens suspected of illicit drug and alcohol use were hospitalized after officials responded to a mass casualty incident at Boston's TD Garden Wednesday night after a sweltering Avicii concert.

Police and EMS confirm that 36 patients were transported and 50 more were treated at the scene.

No one was seriously injured.

According to emergency officials, most of the patients were underage and using alcohol and illicit drugs.

The ages of people treated ranged from 16 to 25.

According to an EMS deputy superintendent, there was nothing to indicate the use of the drug Molly.

An Avicii show was taking place at the time.

A police officer on the scene said that there were many young kids and it was very hot inside the building.

One concert-goer said, "I think it was dehydration or something like that but, I'm not too sure, but there has been a lot of ambulances showing up and taking some people away on stretchers."

Another person said, "I was seeing people getting dragged out, people, I think on Molly. I don't even know, drunk, getting out of there quick. Cops were very angry with them."

Another person said, "People were jumping up-and-down, some people tripped, some people may have hurt their ankles. And of course they need ambulances to help them out."

Justin Michaels contributed to this report.

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